The Avalon Story

In 1999, we embarked on a remarkable journey, turning a forgotten architectural gem tucked away in the peaceful enclave on a quiet corner of Beverly Hills into an exciting boutique hotel we called Avalon. This transformation gave birth to an exhilarating boutique hotel that marked the beginning of our two-decade venture in the realm of hospitality and design. Our dedication to this craft led us to the creation of a sister resort in the enchanting desert of Palm Springs.


Avalon flows with what we adore about managing boutique hotels and offering a seamless fusion of luxury hospitality. Both of our properties offer fresh perspectives on the fusion of mid-century revival and contemporary design, ensuring that each stay is an experience in boutique luxury. We take pride in striking the perfect balance, where friendly glamour meets the allure of storied retreats, providing a new-fashioned hideaway for our guests. This is the essence of Avalon.


Estrella Spa treatment room



Our lovely hotel was originally known as the Estrella (“star” in Spanish). Fittingly, Estrella Spa is the star that illuminates Avalon from the inside out: our caring core of health and wellness experience. In this quiet retreat for indulgence, play, learning, growth and comfort, our menu shines this season with new treatments and custom experiences for you.

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