At Avalon, a love for the outdoors runs throughout our lushly scenic California hideaways. Across our hotels, we’re dedicated to preserving the beauty of our surroundings — and our planet — through ongoing initiatives dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Less is More

We work to keep waste, water, and electricity usage to a minimum, and we’ve implemented a range of environmental design strategies that keep our environmental footprint small for the long term.

Meaningful Connection

We believe sustainability starts close to home — through volunteering, donating, and partnering with local organizations like Heal the Bay, Boys & Girls Club, and the California Green Business Network, we’re dedicated to investing our time and resources toward supporting the environmental needs specific to each of our communities.

Rest Easy

Sustainability and wellbeing are interconnected; we place human health and wellness at the center of our experience, consciously integrating air and water filtration systems throughout our property to ensure our guests’ comfort and care. 

Be Part of the Change

Daily choices add up to impactful change: we hope to inspire mindful consumption by inviting our guests to be part of these efforts, whether through minimizing water use with reduced laundry services or opting out of single-use plastic.

Fresh from the Earth

Both in Palm Springs and Beverly Hills, our restaurants center around seasonality and quality — whenever possible, we work closely with local Desert Valley and central California farmers, biodynamic vintners, and independent producers who share our commitment and passion to a more sustainable future. 

Giving Back

Supporting the communities around us is central to our mission. Through our Proper Giving Foundation, we’re dedicated to donating 1 percent of time, hotel space, and management fees from every Proper Hospitality property to local, cause-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

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